- How can e-PACT be added into daily skin care routine?

Use on clean face.

e-PACT works best on clean surface with application of moisturizers.

Use moisturizers when using TONE, LIFT Mode. You can use face serum when using INFUSE Mode.

You can use face serum when using INFUSE Mode.

After cleansing your face, use TONE, LIFT, INFUSE Mode in e-PACT.

- Can e-PACT be used alone?

e-PACT must be use with moisturizers.

Do not use e-PACT directly on face without any application of moisturizers (e.g. serum, etc.).

Please use the device according to the User Manual.

- Can e-PACT be used with other skin care products?

We recommend using soothing gel when using TONE, LIFT Mode (e.g. aloe vera gel, other gel-type moisturizers).

You can use skin serum or other skin care products when using INFUSE Mode.

Maximize the use of e-PACT by applying moisturizers.

As an exception, do not use oil based skin care products as they can have negative effects.

- How often should e-PACT be used?

It is safe to use for 6~15 mins every 24 hours.

For the first two months, use at least 3~5 times a week for noticeable results.

To maintain results, use 2~3 times a week.  

- Can e-PACT be used more than one time a day?

Excessive use is not recommended. Please keep the usage time under 15 mins a day.

- Should face makeup be removed before using e-PACT?

Yes, please remove and cleanse your face before using the device. 

e-PACT works best on clean and dried off skin.

- How should e-PACT be cleaned?

Wet clean towel with alcohol, remove stains, and dry off with a dry towel.

Do not use abrasive cleaners or any other chemical products to clean e-PACT.
*Do not submerge e-PACT in water. 

- How often should e-PACT be charged?

After a complete discharge, it takes about 5 hours to fully charge.

 After a full charge, it could be used up to 50 mins without rest.

- In what case should using e-PACT be avoided?

A person with allergic, inflamed skin, or who received hair transplant or surgical procedure on skin.

A person who wears a pacemaker or who received transplants.

A person with metallic prosthetics.

A person with cardiovascular problems, endocrine disorders, or sensory neuropathy.

A person with infectious diseases, epilepsy, or seizures.

A person who is under medication for hormonal imbalance, or has sun allergy, and sensitive reaction towards light.

Women who are pregnant, in menstrual cycle, or nursing (hormonal imbalance can cause temporary skin troubles).

※ In addition to the conditions stated above, stop use immediately if other health checkup is needed, and consult with a specialist.

- Can e-PACT be used after receiving Botox, filler, laser treatment, or other professional cosmetic care?

If you received Botox, filler, laser treatment, or other cosmetic care, please consult with your doctor before using e-PACT.  

After receiving laser treatment, filling, or strong professional cosmetic care, epithelium and dermis layer need time to heal, and e-PACT should not be used immediately after them.

- Can e-PACT be used during pregnancy?

No, do not use during pregnancy.

- Can e-PACT be used abroad?

Yes, e-PACT can be used all over the world.